#1157NR Miniature Bulb Bulbtown

 #1157NR NATURAL RED MINIATURE BULB BAY15D BASE - 12.8/14.0 Volt 2.1/0.59 Amp Natural Red S8 Double Contact (DC) Index Bayonet (BAY15d) Base. 32/3 MSCP, 1,200/5,000 Average Rated Hours 2.00" Maximum Overall Length

Voltage: 12.8/14.0
Amperage: 2.1/0.59
Wattage: 26.88/8.26
Base: BAY15D
Glass Shape: S8
Maximum Overall Length: 2.0"
Maximum Overall Diameter: 1.03"
Average Rated Life: 1,200/5,000
Filament: C-6/C-6
Color: Natural Red


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