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If you are not certain which bulb you need the best place to start is with the base. The base of your bulb must be correct in order for it to fit into your socket and work properly while voltage, amperage and glass shape can be slightly different and still work properly according to your needs.

Screw Base Bulbs

Screw Base Bulbs
Screw Base bulbs have an "E" designation (Edison Screw) and a number that indicates the diameter of the threads in milimeters. An E12 base is 12mm in diameter.
E14 and E17

Bayonet Base Bulbs

Bayonet Base Bulbs are found in 9mm and 15mm diameters and have a single or double contact point on the bottom. The side pins are configured in several ways. See "How to ID" for more information.

Miniature Flange Base Bulbs

Miniature Flange Base Bulb
Miniature Flange based bulbs are common flashlights bulbs are known as P13.5S bases. The actual base of the bulb measures 9mm and the flanged collar measures 13.5mm.

Midget Flange Base Bulbs

Midget Flange Base Bulbs
Midget Flange bulbs are smaller than miniature flange bulbs and the flange is located at the bottom of the base rather than the top. Midget Flange are also known as SX6S and Sub Midget are known as SX4S while Micro Midget are known as SX3S Bases.

Midget Groove Base Bulbs

Midget Groove Base Bulb, S5.7S Base
Midget Groove Bases have a groove at the bottom of the base. The diameter of the base remains constant except for the indentation of the groove. The Midget Groove Base is also known as a S5.7S Base and measures 5.7mm in diameter.

Festoon Base Bulbs

Festoon bulbs look like a double ended fuse but are actually a bulb. They are found with a "Double End Cap" base, a SV7mm, a SV8.5mm bases and a Rigid Loop Base.

Prefocus Base Bulbs

Prefocus Base
A Prefocus base allows a precise alignment of the bulb to provide an accurate focusing of the light for projectors, automobile headlights, etc. Pre-Focus bases have a distinctive ring.

Wedge Base Bulbs

Wedge Base
Wedge Base bulbs simply push into their sockets. They come in several sizes and are easy to misidentify. Careful measurment is important!

Printed Circuit Base Bulbs

Printed Circuit BasePrinted Circuit Base
The Printed Circuit Base is similar to a plastic wedge base. The base of the Printed Circuit Base is much wider than the Glass Wedge Base.

Bi-Pin Base Bulbs

Bi-Pin Base Bulb
Bi pin Bases differ by the spacing between the pins and usually have a "G" prefex. A bi pin base where the center of the pins are spaced 4mm apart is refered to as a G4 Base.

Wire Terminal Base Bulbs

Wire terminal base bulb
Wire terminals are flexable wire leads that can be bent or otherwise adjusted to fit a socket or fixture.



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